The last of the summer wine




We celebrated our one-year house anniversary with a trip to Fiordland with my parents. Our getaway coincided with the changing of the months and the turning of the seasons: it is decidedly Autumnal now. We’re still getting buckets of peaches, nectarines, apricots, and greengages from Peirce’s Orchard, but the weather is crisper, and mornings mistier, than I have seen in ages.

The discovery of original hardwood floors beneath the cheap carpet in our house presents a potential project for this month, as does the as yet untouched coal burner in the study. We have three prints and a number of my old maps and posters to take to the framer down the street, and plans to track down an indoor tree to adopt for the lounge.

The dish of the month is a kale, tomato, and carrot soup made using vegetables from our back garden. (Only just now deemed dish of the month, as we had to figure out how to deal with the aphids – and caterpillar – that surfaced in the soup the second time around. Tip from Mom: soak kale in boiling water with salt for five minutes, then rinse. Prepare recipe as normal.)



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