Welly Weekend

We escaped snow in Dunedin and flew to Wellington, where the best tacos in the country and a cosy house overlooking the harbour awaited us. Last night, we saw the Aurora Australis, shimmering over the hill. I keep track of each one of these moments, tuck them away for safe-keeping.

The winter’s lasted longer than expected, but piles of lemons, oranges, and limes from Gisborne make the days taste brighter.

Last weekend, we bought a San Pedro Cactus and a bird feeder, bringing flocks of Wax Eyes, European Goldfinches, and Green Finches to our little apple tree.

I feel like a broken record: big changes afoot, big changes afoot, spring is coming, everything’s changing! But it’s all so very true.

We’ve been reading The Chronicles of Narnia together and it’s all so much better than I remembered from the four or five times I read the series as a little girl. C.S. Lewis’s addresses to the reader are particularly charming, and this one relevant to life at the moment.

“I expect you have seen someone put a a lighted match to a bit of newspaper which is propped up in a grate against an unlit fire. And for a second nothing seems to have happened; and then you notice a tiny streak of flame creeping along the edged of the newspaper. It was like that now.”

― C.S. Lewis, The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe

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