six months

Yesterday marked six months since we landed on New Zealand soil. This move has been one of the most difficult I’ve ever experienced, because for the first time, I was starting over completely. This week, for the first time, I’ve felt truly at home in Dunedin. Everything’s coming together. Everything’s working out just fine.

Despite it being the dead of winter and the Met Service predicting snow Saturday, Sunday, and Monday, fresh blooms peep out around every corner.

P1090852 P1090849 P1090848 P1090846 P1090844 P1090839 P1090835 P1090833 P1090830 P1090821 P1090817 P1090814

The past six months have felt like forever. In six more months I will be 27. In six more months I will have read at least 25 more novels. In six more months the kittens will be massive.

2 thoughts on “six months

  1. Wow! Plants from the past! Harbingers of spring: rhododendrons, muscari (grape hyacinth), hellebore, viburnum, borage, and hypericum (st. john’s wort). Not sure about the first yellow flower or the pink one. Beautiful photos!


    1. So much of the plant-life here reminds me of growing up in the Pacific Northwest. Everywhere I look, there’s another familiar flower. Thanks for the botanical identification; the only plants I knew by sight were the rhododendrons and gorse (the first yellow flower). That tiny pink one remains a mystery!


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