rabbit, rabbit

(note: on ‘rabbit, rabbit’)

It’s May and, after a mild Summer we seem to have skipped merrily through Autumn and hit Winter smack in the face. Or, maybe not smack in the face, but we’re certainly edging closer! After two days of torrential downpours, today was the season’s first frost. this week i started learning how to knit, bought heaps of books, checked out heaps of books, we nearly finished furnishing our cottage, and ate lots, and lots, and LOTS of swede – you might say turnip?

I have already begun my Winter survival strategizing: I’m thinking vitamin D tablets, loads of baths with deliciously scented water, and strengthening my written correspondence game. We also have tickets to see the Royal New Zealand Ballet perform ‘Coppelia’, Eleanor Catton speak for a few hours (with canapes! and bubbles!) at the Dunedin Writers and Readers Festival, and perhaps a vacation somewhere hot, somewhere sun-soaked…somewhere with no mushrooms? that might make quite a change!

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