Time Management

I’ve been busy. Too busy for proper photographs. Too busy to wash hair daily. Too busy even to read! Not too busy to write a few more letters, though, or get my New Zealand driver’s license, or make our pickled celery and egg salad or cheese and pickled pepperoncini sandwich lunches every day.

We’re mastering the trick to doing errands at lunchtime – meeting up for antique furniture shopping and a trip to the library in just under an hour.

I think about the little things and the big things and the little/big things: a sunflower and a rose after work on a Thursday. A social lunch out with my colleagues on a Friday. Homemade pie for dinner and homemade sandwiches for lunch. Correspondences from London, Buenos Aires, and Brooklyn. Long conversations with my parents on a Sunday afternoon, with cameos by my brother, the cats, and the dogs. Long term plans and paying down debt. Cutting my partner’s hair on the kitchen floor after a cup of tea or a G&T, the Velvets playing on our makeshift stereo.

Contemplating how possible to juggle all the things: 8:30-5:00 workday, errands, passions, and social life. Once again I’m left wondering how people ever manage.

(This has been an invitation for advice…Who am I kidding – I love advice. I will gladly ask for advice all the livelong day.)

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