Rabbit, Rabbit

It’s the first of the month! So, first things first: There will be absolutely no mushrooms, no fungus, no primordial ooze this week. I’ve been brainstorming for the Otago Wildlife Photography contest and needless to say, my subject matter is mycological. I’m going to stop subjecting you to yet another toadstool. That doesn’t mean you’re entirely off the hook. This week’s subject matter is different. Although the quality’s a bit shoddier…oops. Nighttime camera phone shots didn’t work in my favour.

I’ve officially joined the Otago Classical Society and the Dunedin Film Club, adding to an already busy schedule. There are public lectures to attend, as well as the French Film Festival that’s currently on. Last week alone, we saw a geologist from the University of Boulder speak on his experiences in Antarctica, and screenings of ‘Once Upon a Time in Anatolia’  (the programme described it as ‘film noir rendered in oil paint’) and ‘The Extraordinary Voyage’, a documentary about Georges Méliès’s ‘A Trip to the Moon’ and its recent restoration, followed by a screening of the restored silent film re-scored by Air. I highly, highly recommend both. (disclaimer: I did fall asleep for the last twenty minutes of the former film, but only because it was nearly three hours long and the screening didn’t begin until half past seven after work.)

We made it in the nick of time to the Dunedin Vintage Roundup, where I scored a 1930s rayon dress for $20 (minor repairs needed) and a bouclé cape. Now that Winter’s coming -this is mostly a joke, it’s so hot and humid still, when will it end?- a girl’s gotta have her woollens.

P1090178 P1090158

As you can see from that last photo, we also had a little house guest. A gracious one, too, who helped clean ALL the dishes! Miss Mugen stayed with us for five days, getting into all sorts of mischief. Even the bath.

2014-03-28 21.00.37

One thought on “Rabbit, Rabbit

  1. A real hedgehog! COOL!! Look out Otago Wildlife Photography competitors: you are about to be challenged by the best “eyes” in town.


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