Ex-tropical cyclone Luisa is hitting the South Island which means rain and wind warnings. So jarring, considering that the past week has been one of sun and sweat. Flawless weather all week, culminating in a Friday evening spent at the water slides with hot chips for dinner and binge-watching ‘True Detective’ until the wee hours. The crocuses have budded and bloomed and are on their way out again, all over the course of two weeks. Vibrantly hued flowers around every corner – and to think Sean apologized for the lack of flora when we first arrived in January! We went to a school fair on Saturday to pick up a glass water bottle for fifty cents, ten books for $12, and red velvet cupcakes with (hopefully) edible glitter. Internet, refrigerator, washing machine and dryer have all been sorted – now to get a cat! Or rather, likely, two cats.

Flowers on our scenic walk into town.
More, but with hyacinths in the background.
St Hilda’s school fair cupcake.
2014-03-15 14.42.15
Flushed after the 1.25 mile hike home in the blazing sun. How the weather’s changed in two days!

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