Hedgehog Taming, Homemaking, and Amateur Mycology

I’ve determined that I require a mushroom identification handbook. The wealth and variety of fungi and other forest oozes to be found in the town (green) belt and other forested areas in Dunedin is incredible! We took a different route into town on Saturday – on our way to buy secondhand pottery, and white ware, and bedding – and every second step I spotted a different toad stool or mushroom…even my first encounter with the oozing matter you find in temperate rainforests since my childhood in Bellingham, Washington! I have yet to find any fairy rings, although these landscapes in miniature are fascinating enough for me, at the moment. We also encountered two more of the many cats that roam the streets of Dunedin. In New Zealand there are no large predators – in fact, cats and dogs are the largest predators – so household pets often roam free, with little, if any, identification. This makes for many mid-walk strokes and cuddles with neighbourhood pusses.

We spent Friday night in Port Chalmers, watching the poet, Sam Hunt, perform poetry. At first, he read his own poems, as well as the poems that inspired him throughout his career, and then he was accompanied by David Kilgour of the Clean’s new band, the Heavy 8s.

This morning, while gathering the apples that had dropped from the tree, I discovered signs of a hedgehog, and am brainstorming hedgehog taming strategies. Our cottage is really and truly home. At the moment, without internet, fridge, dishwasher, washing machine and dryer, but home, nonetheless!I’ve never had a home to completely make my own, and the prospect of decorating our own little place is thrilling. My lack of experience is one stumbling block, though – any suggestions for inspiring and informative interior design/home decorating resources?

The first mushroom of the day.
Ooze! Actual ooze!

P1080994 P1080993 P1080991 P1080990 P1080988 P1080987 P1080985

The industriousness of the honeybee.
Friendly and trusting feline of Duncan Street.
Student flat cat.

P1090001 P1080998 P1090004

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