Good, good things

A list, first, with pictures following. Primarily to remind myself.

*spinach and butternut squash lasagna all week long

*reaching 7,500 words, 29 pages, and the end of my first chapter

*finally meeting the beautiful Siamese cat (blessed with Siamese cat vocalizations) that haunts the neighborhood by St. George’s green

*the strange, young man with a shaved head and track pants who said ‘hullo’ to me on my walk home – I replied, ‘hello’ in answer, expecting something lewd or rude in response, but he smiled and continued on his way

*treating myself to a rare glass of wine in town, before the gender and sexuality reading group (which ended up being displaced, unfortunately)

*quality time catching up with Al over roasted potatoes and artichoke at Frank’s Bar

*sleeping in until nearly noon one lazy, rainy day

Our part of town.
This is the view from the bridge, only a few moment’s walk from our flat. The cathedral just barely peeks out from behind the riverside homes.
Norwich Cathedral remains one of my favorite parts of the city.
Our local ‘go go gorilla’. There are many scattered throughout town, each painted differently, as part of a massive scavenger hunt/outdoor art trail. In a month’s time each of the 53 gorilla statues will be auctioned off, all proceeds going to the charities Break and Born Free.
Disclaimer: I haven’t eaten here and I don’t know if I will.
Ginger cat on Britannia Drive. I will never apologize for cat pictures.
Mousehold Heath (during a brief interlude before my complete medical exam where I was poked, prodded, and relieved of blood and other bodily fluids).
Norwich is nearly as vibrant as San Francisco when it comes to housepainting.
Trust me – I earned this.
I love this alleyway.
Ice Cream menu at Frank’s Bar.

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