Rain, Hail, Sun, Rain, Sun

I think I have bad weather luck. Whenever S and I go to Cambridge, the rain pours heaps on us. Last November when we were picking up tickets for the Fitz Ball: sheets of rain. Particularly inconvenient as we were about 45 minutes away from our destination. Last month when we took a trip to eat pickled eggs and walk along the river to Grantchester: rain, rain, rain. I thought maybe we’d buck the trend by going somewhere else in Cambridgeshire, and our day tramping around Ely and Little Downham proved better! That morning we awoke to driving rain that swiftly turned to hail, but then enjoyed a clear sky and blazing sun during the walk to the rail station.

When we arrived in Ely, we poked around an amazing riverside antique shop for a bit. So many 18th century rings and ceramic figurines and brilliant party dresses – I had to leave. It was blustery and rainy.

Then we headed to the outdoor market (still going despite inclement weather), and then, the cathedral!

Ely Cathedral
The Cathedral Church of the Holy and Undivided Trinity of Ely. Also known as ‘the ship of the Fens’.

We weren’t allowed in because some incredibly wealthy couple was enjoying a posh wedding. We stayed on to gawk and gape as they emerged from the cathedral and he was wearing a top hat and tails…oh, the English. We continued on our way, and walked a few miles to the small hamlet of Little Downham.


The sky over the fens changes so quickly – bright, blue skies one moment and overcast the next.
Speeding, possibly mutant snail.
Field upon field of green crops.
The beautiful gold of the rapeseed fields. Also responsible for massive allergy attacks.
Dramatic clouds.
Ramblin’ man.

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