Forecast: Bitterly Cold

The North SeaThe view from Overstrand.

At the beginning of the month, S and I took a short train trip up to Cromer for a long weekend. It was the off-season: not a crab to be seen and ripping cold weather. Also, cheap bed and breakfast prices. We stayed at the No. 4 Bed and Breakfast. There were many amenities at No. 4: a claw foot tub, a skeleton to greet us on the stairs, and a fat chihuahua named Butch who politely knocked on our door every day to say hello. In short, all the necessities for a decadent and desultory three-day weekend.

I seem to have terrible timing when it comes to updating. I had planned this post for the past week or so, full of whingeing about the weather, and sarcastic declarations of glee at the weekly forecast of “bitterly cold” for the next week. Today, however, it feels like Spring. Snow drops and Crocuses have been blooming in full force . The sky is bright and clear–a welcome change from the monochromatic grey gloom that has doggedly returned day after day up until this point.

Winter drains me mentally as well as physically. I do what I can: 1000% RDA Vitamin D along with a full regimen of other supplements, electric blanket, walks to campus when it isn’t too miserable or I’m not too exhausted. I recently (last week!) picked up swimming again in trying to shake the grey weather from my brain. My strategy for this week includes soup. Amend that– my strategy for this week IS soup. Tonight’s dinner is garlic soup and tomorrow’s slated as Vegetarian Pho. I hope all of my friends dearly love garlic, because I will be reeking for days. Nothing ever works entirely, though, and I find myself moping and ill, chomping on entire garlic cloves and refusing to leave the warmth of bed in the morning. Suggestions are both sought and welcomed!

Piled beneath three duvets and still shivering, or, One Cold Monkey.
Piled beneath three duvets and still shivering, or, One Cold Monkey.

Please send warm thoughts, advice for dealing with Winter blues, and silly YouTube videos. For now, have some brand new Bowie, Featuring Tilda Swinton! Oh, life is good.

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