bye bye blackbird

You must bear with me and experience my life with a delay of about one month. Autumn was frozen and gilded. The walk home down the Avenues was idyllic but for the dead crow I saw every day one week. I cuddled loads with a 17-year old cat named Ziggy. Sometimes I tuck her in at night. The Earlham branch of the library is gorgeous but I’ve still never more than peeked through the doors. Halloween came and went– I was Persephone, struggling to keep a sullen face all night, while my Hades was a bit more jolly than one would expect.

It’s been frosty lately and when we went to turn on the boiler for the first time, we discovered corroded and leaking pipes. No heat for a while, yet. I survived the night bundled in sweatpants, a New Zealand wool sweater, fluffy dressing gown, three duvets, one lap blanket, and a nightcap of cheap whiskey. The trees are nearly bare and the skies are rarely blue. Dare I say, Winter is coming!

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