still ill

coconut water, peanut milk, ginger ale, orange juice, lemon ginger tea, lemsip, throat lozenges, neti pot, and veg for spicy vietnamese pho.

I developed a gnarly case of what is known around these parts as “Fresher’s Flu.” The flu ambushed me. I was helpless against the illness that surrounded me from all sides. My seminar supervisor, sweetie, and housemates all exhibited symptoms in varying degrees of severity. On Thursday night, the rain caught us as we walked to town. The downpour drenched my clothing and hair within minutes, and that was the beginning of the end. I powered through the weekend: filled with hikes to Mousehold Heath and a Sunday Roast with the Fat Cat Pub crew. The weekend was also filled with delicious soups. Sean’s homemade vegetable soup and my faux pho (Recipe to come shortly!) gave us the strength to get through the weekend. My seminar supervisor has recommended “plenty of rest and medication (I always swear by hot whiskey myself)” and I plan on taking his advice to heart.

6 thoughts on “still ill

    1. Do you mean, what am I doing with it or why is the stalk larger than the head? It’s eventually going into some spicy Vietnamese soup and as for its appearance I think this summer was the worst for rain in 100 years and produce has gotten odd looking and expensive.


    1. I’ve used about 8 cloves of garlic in my soups so far. I don’t know how to do it raw. I mean, I can do it raw but it burns and I don’t quite know if I like it. Do you have any recommendations, babygirl?


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