do different

A tiny-doored house behind the Cathedral.

Beautiful view.

The street where we live.

The weather is officially “autumnal.” I am living with the repercussions of only packing one jacket both warm and stylish. Cardigans are still suitable for night, when paired with gloves, scarf, stockings, and either an arm around my waist, or drinks with friends, or both. Last week I added a second duvet to my bed, and this week I began bringing a thermos of something hot to Uni every day. My nose is forever chilled. I’m not going to lie, it’s also now forever red.

The shorter, brisker days make moments at home all the cozier. Tuesday nights we watch Great British Bake-Off and (sometimes) eat thematically appropriate pastries. Mostly we (myself, Alice, Amy, Kate, and Morgan, the honorary house member) snuggle up together under throws and duvets and dressing gowns, drink tea, and cheer for our favorite bakers, who, if you were wondering, are lovely, eccentric middle-aged Brendan and charming, bespectacled, future doctor James.

I see baking and Sunday roasts in our futures.

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